Important Exam For Floorman,Derrickman and Driller

Important Exam For Floorman,Derrickman and Driller

? What are the problems that can occur for pipes*




Slip cuts, metal tears-


 ? What is the function of the drill collars*

.Provide weight on bit-

. Keep drill string under tension to prevent it from buckling-

.To provid the pendolume effect in straight – hold-

? What are the functions of the stabilizer*

.Centralize the drill string to prevent and reduce stuck-

.Provide angle control in directional drilling-

.( Allow applying of higher (WOB-

.Increase bit life-

? (why you use spool with blow out preventer (BOP*

Less expensive than rams

If damaged I can repair it or replacement

To localize possible erosion

To facilities , hang – off , stripping , shear operations 

? Type of casing*


  Service casing

  Intermadite casing

  Production casing

what is the difference between influx – flow – kick ?

Kick:   An intrusion of formations fluid into the well bore

Kick: - Is the entry of liquids and gases  to the borehole wall

Influx- Is the migration of liquids and gases from the bottom of the well to the 

Flow: - Liquids and gases out of the well to the tanks

*what is the function of Bentonite,Soltex,Resin,c.soda ?  

Bentonite : used to increase viscosity for drilling mud

Soltex : shale support and control

Resintemperature control,water loss control

c.sodaIncrease PH in mud , reduce H2S gas

 ? what will happen when  sand found with drilling mud*

Damage in pump parts

Rig down time

 Cause bit nozzle plug

Reduce rate of penetration

 What are the stages of pressure loss from pump to flow *


Surface line press loss  1 to 3% 

Drill string internal loss 25 to 35%

Bit nozzle press loss 50 to 65%

Annular pressure losse 5 to 10%

? What types of Master Bushing

Split Type-

Solid Type-

Hinged Type-

What is the relationship between the Water losses and *

? filter cake

Filter cake increase with water losses increase

? What is the function of the Heavy Weight DP*

Support weight on Bit -

Transition zone between DP and Drill collar-

Make string under tension with DC -

 Enable in Directional control -

Prevent deferential stuck-

? What is the difference between the Sweep - Spot*

Sweep : Hi vis pil to circulate the hole clean

Spot : Hi vis pil to put in on BTM before Trip

? What is the benefit of the PH in the drilling mud *

To prevent corrosion-

To overcomes H2S gas-

To Reduce High temperature-

To Make stability in HP-

? What types of stuck*

Mechanical stuck -

 Deferential stuck-

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