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Type Of Drilling Mud

Type Of Drilling Mud

The first you must know the function of the drilling mud second you must know the type of drilling mud and advantage and 
disadvantage of each one

Function of the drilling mud

.cool and lubricate the drilling bit-

.carry cutting from the bottom of the hole to the surface-

Drilling mud know as hydrostatic pressure which allow to control-
.the formation pressure

Clean drill bits ,drilling mud removes cutting from bit teeth which- 
  prevent bit ball up situation

prevent formation damage by using suitable drilling mud-

Transmit hydraulic horsepower to the bit-

Type of drilling fluids

Water base-mud

Oil base-mud

Gas based fluids

Salt saturated mud
Water base mud

The most common drilling mud used in drilling process because its low cost of water compare to the oil

:Water base mud consists of four components

.Liquid water is used to provide initial viscosity*

.Reactive fraction to provide viscosity and yield point*

.Chemical additives to control mud properties*

Oil base mud

The drilling mud is made up of oil as a continuous phase this type of mud is commonly used in swelling shale formation

Although the oil base mud is one of the best type of drilling mud 
:used in drilling process ,but have disadvantage 

The environment is contaminated especially in offshore operation*

Flammability becomes a hazard*

Electric logging is more difficult with oil base mud*

Oil-base mud tend to be more stable at high temperature than water base mud

Gase based fluids

there are four main types of gas based fluids

air -mast-foam-aerated drilling fluid

Salt saturated mud

(Salt saturated mud consist of (water+Nacl

This type of mud is commonly used when drill salt domes and salt section which control and prevent hole enlargement through this section

Drilling fluid properties

Mud weight or mud density


Plastic viscosity

Yield point

Gel strengths

Fluid losses and filter cake

The reference (well drilling & construction) Hussain Rabia
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