Parker Drilling Company Jobs For all nationality

Parker Drilling Company Jobs For all nationality

: What Parker Drilling Company Is Hiring For

Inspector,Welder,Roustabout,Mechanic,Senior Accountant,Floorhand,QHSE Supervisor,TRS Technician

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job Posted:18/3/2018
Location: New Iberia,United states


job Posted:16/3/2018
Location: New Iberia,United states

TRS Technician

job Posted:15/3/2018
Location: villahermosa tab mexico


job Posted:13/3/2018
Location: St. John's, NL canada


job Posted:13/3/2018
Location: oxnard ca united states


job Posted:13/3/2018
Location: st. john's nl canada

Senior Accountant

job Posted:12/3/2018
Location: houston tx united states
link: /

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Iwcf preparation course Principles and procedures

Iwcf preparation course Principles and procedures

Iwcf preparation course Principles and procedures

Book nameIwcf preparation course Principles and procedures

Author: Eng Hayder Lazim


Language: English

Number of pages: 160 Pages

price: Free

Size: 15.9 MB


Basic Technology

pressure systems

warning signs and indicators, pressure indicators, kick indicators

Gas kicks in oil  based mud

kick kill fundamental

Driller's Method

iwcf equipment

well control deviated and horizontal well

how does an annular preventer work

Basic Bob stack-land and jack up operations

cut type tester and test plug

surface bop control system

mud gas separators

mud seal and MGS operation pressure

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Drilling crew jobs in France for all nationality

Drilling crew jobs in France for all nationality

 About SMP Company 

Founded in 1989, the company is a French company that employs more than 320 workers in France. The other works in Africa and the Middle East, especially in Kenya and Gabon, where 40 workers work in Kenya and 150 in Gabon

The company's headquarters are located 130 kilometers south of Paris,SMp company needs a group of workers on the drilling towers due to its recent expansion in early March 2018 and need an integrated drilling kit

The Most Dangerous Jobs in the Oil and Gas Industry

Contact Information


Tel. : +33 2 38 28 13 80
Fax : +33 2 38 28 91 21

for more info and conctact click her

: What SMP company Is Hiring For

1X Rig manager
1X Toolpusher
2X Driller
3X Assistant Driller
1X Derrickman
5X Roustabout
5X Floorman
2X Pump man
2X safety officer
2X Material man

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How to Apply

You can submit by clicking on the link above and then choose the appropriate function for you then click to send your cv

The difference between Differential sticking and Mechanical stucking

Drilling Rig Crew Jobs in Saudi Arabia

About Arabian drilling company

 Arabian drilling company is one of the leading Petroleum services company in Saudi Arabia and  the Middle East, North Africa region
Arabian Drilling Company was established in 1964 through the joint venture between the Industrialization & Energy Services  Company (TAQA) which owns 51% and Services PetroliersSchlumberger S.A., a global leader in oilfield services which owns the remaining 49%
Schlumberger Exam for Roustabout, Floorman, Derrickman And Driller 2017

Arabian Drilling Company Jobs

"Rig Manager "Toolpusher
 PMS Electrical
 PMS Mechanic
 Chief Electrician
 Chief Mechanic

Arabian Drilling Company Email Address

Arabian Drilling Company Address

Address: 4110, Al-Khobar 31952, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966-13-887-2020
Fax: +966-13-882-6588


Arabian Drilling Company Emails

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How to Apply

You can apply for the job by clicking the link above and knowing all the details

and By sending your own CV on this email

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