British Petroleum Exam for Geologist Student

British Petroleum Exam for Geologist Student

? what is the difference between anticlines and synclines

Anticlines: which is an upward arch of rocks

Synclines: which is an downward arch of rocks

Anticlines: against slope

Synclines: with slope

? what is the difference between fracture and joints

 Joints: is a break in the rock without movement of one side 
.relative to another

Fracture or Faults: is a break in the rocks in which one side has 
.moved relative to the other

Jointa And Faults work to increase the fluid storage capasity which know as porosity of the rocks and increas the ability of flow through the rock which know as permeability of the rocks

? What is the difference between domes and basins

Domes: Is acircular or elliptical anticline

Basin : Is acircular or elliptical synecline

Domes : is anatural gas and oil trap because of the high point it forms on the reservoir rock

? What is trap and mention type of trps

complete answer in this site

 ? Mention the type of migration of oil 

Three type of migration of oil 

primary migration : the movement of the oil from the source rock 
.to the reservoir rock

Secondary migration : the movement of the oil from the reservoir 
.to the traps

 Tertiary migration: the movement of the oil from traps to another or 
.along the reservoir which oil was formed and produce

?What is the difference between source rock and reservoir rock

Source rock : is when there are hydrocarbons available to be generated such as shale

Reservoir rock : where the oil goes when it migrates 
.another answer

.Source rock : a sedimentry rock in which petroleum forms

Reservoir rock : apermeable subsurface rock that contain petroleum must be both porous and permeable

 ? Write a short answer for mohs hardness scale 

Mohs Hardness Scale the common scale used to measure the hardness for each minerals 


?What is the difference between igneous and metamorphic rocks

Complet answer in this link

? Defined porosity and permeability 

Porosity : porosity of rock is a measure of the storage capasity that is capable of holding fluids


Porosity is the ratio of the pore volume to the bulk volume

rock may have considerable absolute porosity and yet have no conducivity to fluid

Effective porosity is the ratio of the interconnected pore space in the rock to the total volume or rocks which know as bulk volume

Permeability it is the ability of the rock to transmite fluids through the formation

 ? What are the favorable condition to form oil 

Source rock or mature rock which rich with organic matter and oil -

Reservoir rock with optimal characters of porosity and -
permeability rock
.Good seal or cap rock to form atrap system - 

Draw the following structure and force arrows



Revers Fault

Angular unconformity

: Find the wrong statement included in continental Environoment

a-Sand bare

b-River channel sand

c-Dune sands

d-Glacial Deposits

: Give a brief note about

.Lag Time: the time mud takes from mud tanks to surface

- Mud Circulation:the way mud takes from mud tanks through flow
.lines, pipes, then go back again to mud tanks

. Mud Logging Unit:a unit servicing mud logging operations

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