Derrickman interview questions with answers

 Derrickman interview questions with answers

? Tell me about yourself or Introduce your self in English*

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 ? What is the function of Mud* 

.cool and lubricate the drilling bit-

.carry cutting from the bottom of the hole to the surface-

Drilling mud know as hydrostatic pressure which allow to control-
.the formation pressure

Clean drill bits ,drilling mud removes cutting from bit teeth which- 
  prevent bit ball up situation

prevent formation damage by using suitable drilling mud-

Transmit hydraulic horsepower to the bit-

To avoid bit to balled up-

What is the functions of Shale shaker,Desander,Degasser,Mud*
? cleaner,Deselter and Center fuger

.(Shale shaker: remove big cutting from mud (74 micron

.(Desander: remove sand from mud less than (74 -40micron
.working pressure (35-45) psi. capacity 500gpm/cone

.(Deselter : remove salt from mud less than (40 - 20 micron
. .Working pressure (35-45) psi. capacity 75 gpm/cone

Degasser : remove gases from mud.working pressure (35-45) psi

Mud cleaner : remove cutting from 20 micron to 7 micron
.Capacity 75gpm/cone

Center fuger :remove cutting from mud less than 7 micron to 4

?How many tanks you have on rig*

shaker tank-suction tank-reserve tank-trip tank-intermidate tanke mixing tank

?What is function of Trip tank*

It is used to check the well for losses or gain during tripping or wire
.line operation

?What are the steps to check on mud pump*

Permit to work
Per job safety meeting
Electric isolation and put safety lock behind pump
Close discharge valve - open pleed valve -then close suction valve
Check pump and replace parts
Remove tools from pump area
Open discharge valve-close pleed valve-open suction valve
Remove safety lock and isolation
Cleen cooling tank and fill it
close work permit

?What diffrance between sweep and spot*

High viscous mud to circulate hole cleen
High viscous mud to put on bottom before trip

?Why we using cooling system in mud pump*
To cooling pistons , liners ,seats

?When you need to change valve in pump*
Having cracked valve or change seat

?When you need to change piston in pump*
Having cracked piston or change liner

?What are P.P.E using while mixing*
Ruber shoes,ruber golvses,helmt,apron,covrol

?What is slug mud*
Heavy mud using berfore triping out to save mud and cleen pipes

?What are the steps to cleen mud tanks*
Work permit-
Messure gases with multi gas detector-
Cleen tanks-
Close work permit-

?What time of greasing crown*
Every day

?How you can calculate mud tank size*
Lenth* width* height =…/5.614 =…. bbls

? What’s the hydrostatic pressure*
Ph is the pressure exerted by the weight of a liquid on its “container
Ph is the pressure exerted by the drilling fluid to offset the pressure exerted by the formation fluid
(Ph (PSI) = 0.007 * TVD (ft) * Mud wt. (pcf
(Ph (PSI) = 0.052 * TVD (ft) * Mud wt. (ppg
Sufficient hydrostatic pressure is required to prevent the borehole wall from caving in and to keep formation fluid from entering the

 What is the relationship between the Water losses and *
  ?filter cake
Filter cake increase with water losses increase-

 ? what will happen when  sand found with drilling mud*

Damage in pump parts-
Rig down time-
 Cause bit nozzle plug-
Reduce rate of penetration-

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