Warning Signs Of Well Kick

Warning Signs Of Well Kick

A kick is one of the most important problems occur when the formation pressure excess the mud

Warning Signs Of Well Kick

A kick know as an entry of formation fluids oil ,water or gas into the well bore caused by the 
.formation pressure exceed the mud or hydrostatic pressure by the mud column

(Warning signs (abnormal pressure indicators

 (A Sudden Increase in rate of penetration (ROP •

: Reasons for changes in the rate of penetration 

Weight on bit -

pore pressure -

Fluid properties-

 (Formation changes (sandstone-shale-dolomite•

Hydraulics rotary speed•

Fluid properties•

Type of bits•

Increasing torque/drag which know as over pull and increase of weight in weight indicators•

Torque increase due to an increase in cuttings also may occur as the bit’s teeth-
take larger bites into the formation

When drill in soft formation the hydrostatic pressure column to formation-
pressure differential increases which lead to close formation after drilled

Increasing in background gas levels•

Decrease in pump pressure with an increase in spm•

Increasing in Flow line Mud temperature•

.Decreasing shale density•

.Increasing in chlorides Content of Mud•

Because the change in chloride content is good indicator as the change in pressure

Change in the size, shape and amount of cuttings•

:Positive Kick Indicators

( Increase in Flow Rate with constant SPM(pump strokes-

Increase in Pit Level with constant SPM-

Decrease in pump pressure with an increase in SPM-

?What is the action will be done when**

First you must know the reason who cause the kick and how can overcome to this problems

Control drilling rate so that only one slug of connection gas is in the hole at any one time-
 Minimize the time during a connection when the pumps are switched off-

kick type

Oil kick 

.Flammable but not as explosive as gas-
.Density greater than gas -lower SICP-
.Very little expansion as kick reaches surface-
.But there is almost alwayse some gases present-

Water kick

Not flammable than gas or oil-
Very little expansion-

Gas kick

Rapid expansion compare to with oil and water-

Lead to gas migration problems-

Higher SICP than other-
The reference (well drilling & construction) Hussain Rabia
 Weatherford essay & videos from youtube