Oil Field Processing ( Introduction part 1 )

Oil Field Processing ( Introduction part 1 ) 

This is  the first topic we will discuss in our blog 
oil field processing 

you may wondered what we do upon extracting the oil form underground . will it be sold directly to the refinery or to the port ? 

The answer is no , first , we must process it to meet some specifications that was made by the customers - here the pipeline companies - 

So in the first sections of our lectures we will talk about processing the oil in the field before it goes to either the refinery or a port 

It will be divided into 3 parts:

1) introductions 
2) Separators 
3) emulsion treating 

Now. check this video on youtube.com 

 Oil Field Processing Lectures ( Introduction Part1 )

you shall find  the answers of the very important question 
Why we need to do a process  

watch it and wait for other parts