3 Apps you must have it if you are a Petroleum Engineering

Today I will introduce you to 3 Android application that you must have it in your phone if you are a petroleum engineer , these apps help you a lot in your daily life and make your life easier , these apps are listed below:

1. Petroleum Dictionary

This application help you a lot to find out the meaning of terms related to petroleum engineering , also it have the future to show you the abbreviation of words , so easy to use only you have to enter the word you want to search for it .. you can download the application by clicking the link below 

2. Drilling Toolbox

This application is specially important for Drilling Engineering , it contain a lot of formulas and calculation for different purposes (e.g Wellcontrol , Cementing job , Mud Calculations .. etc) , it has a very easy interface and easy to use , you can find this application in Google Play Store by clicking on the link below 

3. Unit Converter

This application is to convert units between each other , beautiful user interface , easy yo use , you can find it in Google Play Store by clicking the link below: