Sino Tharwa Exam and Answers 2017

Sino Tharwa  Exam and Answers 2017

Sino tharwa drilling company one kof the most popular company in-
Egypt and this exam for floor man and drilling Engineer in company

Calculate the annular capacity between 12 ¼” hole and 8 ¼” D/Cs 
with 400 ft length 
?All connection from the swivel to bit are Left hand thread►

A-True            B-False

 The sand trap compartment below the shale shaker is a very►
?important part of the mud/solids separation 

A-True            B-False

?List the three types of fire extinguisher on your rig►

.a- Water Fire Extinguisher
.b- Foam Fire Extinguisher
.c- Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

?The main purposes of the rotary table►

a- Reduce the buckling and bending of the drill string
b- Rotates the drill string while tripping
c- Allow applying higher weight on bit
d- Carry string by slips
e- Prevent galling
f- Rotates the drill stem while drilling

. Chose three functions rotary swivel are►

a. Transfer mud from Kelly hose to string
b. Decrease hydrostatic pressure
c. Carry string in case of drilling
d. Permits the drill stem to rotate free of the rotary hose
e. Transmits the turning motion of the rotary table to drill string

: A tank has 30 ft. long, 10 ft. wide, 8 ft. high, calculate►

? a. Capacity of tank in bbl
? b. Capacity of tank in bbl./ft
 ? c. Capacity of tank in bbl. / inch
? Crown block & travelling block should be greased►

a- Weekly          b- Monthly         c- Each tour

The volume of tank 40 ft. long, 10 ft. wide & 8 ft. high is►

a- 2800cu.ft       b- 3200bbl.         c- 3000 bbl.       d- 3,200cu.ft

? When handling caustic soda, crew members should►

a- Add it to the mud system through the chemical barrel
b- Never add water to dry caustic soda
c- Wear appropriate personal projective equipment
d- All of the above

 Hydrogen Sulphide is ►

a- Very poisonous
b- Good for your health
c- Not very poisonous

? Device used to measure the mud weight►
a- Mud Balance

? Device used to measure the apparent mud viscosity►
a- Marsh Funnel

Which of the following are practices used in good care of tubular

a. Using proper slips type and size
b. Setting pipe high in the slips
c. Using the proper lubricant dope
d. Breaking pipe out with one tong
e. Setting the elevators down on the box when coming out of the hole
(f. Inspecting tool joints while tripping (tool joint
g. Proper make up torque at 90 degrees
h. Using rust prohibitory and h2s scavengers in mud when appropriate
i. Washing out drill pipe when laying it down with fresh water
j. Using proper thread protectors
k. Lifting pipe with pipe hooks in unprotected box
l. Always run a good box with a slightly damaged pin
m. Don’t drop the pipe on a hard surface such as edge of rotary or vee door ramp

List 5 job assignments about floor man handle level according to
   ?your job description

a- Assist all the operation on the rig floor and well head
b-Keep all the handling tool in good condition
c-Assist all service companies in any test
d-Assist all service companies in Run the casing
e- Assist all service companies in Cementing and logging

? What are the tools & equipment used in performing your work

a – Rig Tongs
b – Chain Tong, pipe wrench
c – Slips
d – Safety Clamp

?What are the two types of Rotating System►

A- Kelly System
B-Top Drive System

 What are the two types of Valves that must be available on rig► 
?floor and what is the position of each one

a- IBOP: Initial Blowout Preventer……Position: Closed
b- FOSV: Full Opening Safety Valve…. Position: Opened

 If the no. of sheaves used in the crown block is 6, the no. of► 
sheaves in the travelling block is 

a- 7        b- 6       c- 5

. Torsion in the pin area of drill pipe tool joint is caused by the►
greatest wear in inner diameter 

a. True        b. False

 From causes of drill collar failures, is to use improper amount of
torque during trip connection

a. True     b. False

 When considerable force is applied on the tongs floor man►
must not stand more close to the breakout rotary tong line

a. True      b. False

 The main functions of the drill pipe, is to put WOB►
a. True      b. False

 Match the following►

a- Wash out  b- Slip cuts  c- Twist off

Slip cuts: Caused by a fatigue crack extended around the pipe
Wash out: Small opening caused by a fatigue crack penetrating the pipe wall
Twist off: Due to pipe turning in slips

?What are the drill collars types►

a-Slick      b-Spiral

?What are the drill collars functions►

a- Provide WOB which is necessary to drill
b-Keep the drill string in tension to prevent the string buckling

 Mention three purposes of using dope when make-up drill pipes►
?and collars

a-To protect the thread during the connection
b-To make lubricant between thread and box
c-To prevent the Corrosion of threads

When loading pipe on trucks or pipe racks, strips of wood should
?be placed between each layer

a. True    b. False
If true, what is the minimum number of spacers should be use-

Concerning the drill string care and handling practice, it a good 
?practice to

I. Allow pipe to drop off truck onto the pipe rack
a. True     b. False
II. Avoid leaving a length of pipe unsupported, don’t drag over the end of a pipe rack

a. True     b. False

III. Clean pin and box threads before picking up “Use Kerosene or other solvent
a. True      b. False

IV. Break out on trips with one set of tongs
a. True       b. False

V. Use threads protector
a. True       b. False

VI. Drop the pipe on a hard surface such as edge of rotary or vee door ramp.
a. True    b. False

?Mention the steps for initial make up of new drill collars

a-Make up with the proper torque
b-Disconnect the new drill collar
c-Make visual inspection on the thread

?Different types of drilling fluid and main function-Types►

A-Fresh water Muds  B-Salt Water Muds  c-Emulsion Muds
 d-OBM  e-Surfactant Muds


a-to exert the hydrostatic pressure which balanced with formation pressure
b-to cool and lubricate the drill string
c-to lift the cutting from the bottom of the well up to surface
d-to suspend the cutting when circulation stopped
e-to line up the wall of wellbore with thin permeable filter cake
f-to support part of drill string and casing weight
g-to provide energy require operating PDM
h-to give good information about the penetrated formation

 The Hydrogen Sulphide is lighter than air►
a- False     b- True

 The flammable liquids fires can be extinguished by►
a- CO2    b- Soda Ash    c-