National Drilling Company Exam and answer 2018

  ? What are the factors affect the penetration rate
 Formation type-
Weight on bit WOB-
 Flow rate-
 rounds per minute-
 National Drilling Company 

what is the maximum weight that can be used from the BHA for
85% of BHA Weight to avoid buckling-

?Define the type of stuck related with the followin
High permeable formation and filter cake ......differential stuck*
.Deviated wells,dog leg .......well bore geomatry*
Unable to move up or down unable to rotatate unable to circulate*
....mechanical stuck....
Unable to move up or down unable to rotate and able to circulate*
....differential stuck ....

:waht should you do in each of the following cases
You have differential stuck-
Reduce mud weight

(You have mechanical stuck (tight hole-
Jarring to previous free position

 While pulling out of the hole (tripping out ) you got 50bbl gain-
Shut the well in and strip back to bottom to kill the well

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what is the maximum allowable over pull while POOH in
 ?vertical and horizontal well 

we can use separator while drilling instead of vacum degassed
a- true    b-false
False .....seperator can only be used while killing a well

?How to use top drive function to make aconnection
Set slips,break out top drive from drill string ,plup new stand make up near stand in drill string

What is the most important steps in blowout prevention once
:awarning sign has been detected 
Start circulation with per circulated rate and kill the well barite-
Shut the blow out preventer-
Pull to the shoe quickly-
Call the tool pusher and company man-
Close the well in properly-

If the formation pressure gradient increase from 0.60 psi/ft at 1200 
ft to 0.62 psi/ft at 12700 ft mud weight is 12 ppg through the interval the

overbalance increase by about 288 psi-
-overbalance increase constant since mud weight not changed-
overbalance is reduced by 51 psi-
overbalance is reduced by 237 psi-

pump speed increased as the pressure loading is
Decreased    Increased

It is okay to install aworn valve in anew seat
 False        True

?which of the following should increase by increasing the WOB

Penetration rate-
Hole deviation-
Tooth and bearing wear rate-
Hydraulic horsepower-

?What are the causes of shale to sloughs into the bole
-Mechanical vibration of drill string-
In correct mud parameter (high water loss and mud weight-
Deviation angel-
All the bove-

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Why drillers do hrcak circulation going in hole
To fill drill string and make sure hot plugged

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