Baker Hughes Company Exam and answer 2018

:what is the problem in each of the following

.......a) Pressure drop while drilling
wash out -lost bit nozzle-reduction of mud weight

b) Reduction of weight indicator reading while
......tripping out of hole

....c)You have losses while dilling and gain when pump stopped
Balloning Effect

d) You have an influx and SICP in lower than SIDPP
Drilling with oil base mud
Too much cutting in the annulus

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e) What is the idea behind drill line slip&cut programlist all 
.....steps for making slip and cut

During movement of travelling block up and down  week point are generated on drilling line on pickup point on crown block &travelling block and on draw work drum while making anew
.layer of wire

Slip&cut steps hang travelling block cut length of  drilling line add length of wire from supply drum

? f) Relationship between washout and twist off
If wash out was not discovered early a twist off will occure

? g) what do ypo know about h2s
A highly toxic gas that found at well and heavier than air and can located in mud pits .a flammable gas

? h) why drillers do break circulation going in hole 
To fill drill string and make sure drill string is not plugged

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I)which of the following should increasing by increasing bit
? weight
a) penetration rate  b) hole deviation    c) tooth and bearing wear rate   d) hydraulic horsepower 

? j) How do you know if you getting good hole cleaning
.a) normal torque&drag. and no drag during trips
.b) suitable cutting volume on shale shaker
.c) normal pump pressure

k) why should pump pressure be limited on surface hole
? drilling
To avoid breaking formation

 l) How can you check the annular volume if the hole washed
? out
by adding calcium carbide inside drill string

 m) How can you controle sand content while drilling surface 
by switching on desander and dumping sand
trap tank periodically

 n) what drilling functions tell the driller atwist off has
? occurred
sudden reduction in pump pressure and weight reading

o) Describe briefly how to make anew D/C for the first time to
?run in the hole

Make up the new drill collar without torque then breaking it again and clean the thread then grease the thread and make it up and
.torque it

?p)How can you decreasing the differential pressure
by decreasing mud weight

? q)Different type of breake
Hydraulick brake-
Dynamic brake-
Eaton brake-

? w) What are the causes of shale to sloughs into the hole
a) mechanical vibrations of drill string
b) in-correct mud parameter(high water loss and mud weight
c) deviation angle
d) all the above

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