Job Openings In Huge offshore project in Middle East

With the recent rise in oil prices and increasing demand for petroleum products
Many projects have been opened in the Middle East and Africa and these companies have relied on bringing workers from employment offices

:These offices need a lot of following jobs

Assistant Driller-
 Rig Manger-
 Ballat Control Operator Barge Engineer-
 Chief Engineer-
 Chief Mechanic-
Chief Electrician-
Chief Mate-
Company man-
Crane operator-
Deck Foreman-
Cyber Driller-
 Pipeline Fitter-
 Pipeline operator-
 Process operator-
 Radio operators-
 Rig manager-
 Roust about-
Winch operator-

:Information about the Employment Office

A new company working to recruit youth and graduates to work in oil companies

Address: 16/ A, St. Xaviers street, Idindakarai, Tirunelvelli, Tamil Nadu 621704, India

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Experience required: 0→1 year
Rotation 3 month on 1 month off
 Sallary: 2000$ Fresher to 15000$ for Experience per month

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