Baker Hughes Mud Engineer Interview Questions and answer

Baker Hughes Mud Engineer Interview Questions and answer

? What are the different types of drilling fluid ▶

   a- water-base-mud
   b- oil-base-mud
   c- gas,mist,foam-base mud

? What are the three basic components of a drilling fluid

a- The Base Liquid
Water- fresh or saline such as water-base-mud
Oil - diesel or crude such as oil-base-mud

b- Dispersed Solids
which are used to suspended cutting of drilling such as Colloidal particles

c- Dissolved Solids such as salts

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Type of Drilling Mud

? What are three major advantages of oil based muds

a- faster penetration rates
b- greater protection to producing zones
c- more stable at high temperature
d- good lubricating properties

? What are three major disadvantages of oil based muds

a- Flammability becomes a hazard
b- Expensive cost compared to water-base-mud
c- requires much special attention
d- It is difficult to deal with it by workers on drilling tower
e- Electric logging is more difficult with oil base mud than water base mud 

What material is used to maintain a continuous oil phase in an
? invert emulsion oil mud

Emulsifiers is used to create a homogeneous mixture of two liquids
oil and water).such as lignosulfonates,fatty acids)

What material is used to reduce the amount of water lost to the 
? formations 

(Filtrate Reducers such as CMC (sodium carboxymethylcellulose
and pre-gelatinized starch,bentonite clays

What material is used to cause the colloidal particles in
? suspensionto form into bunches 
Flocculants such as salt,gypsum,hydrated limeand sodium tetraphosphates

What material is used to reduce torque at the bit by reducing the
?coefficient of friction

Lubricants such as soaps and Certain oils

What material is used to to provide a weighted fluid higher than
? the fluids specific gravity

Weighting Agents such as barite, hematite, calcium carbonate and galena

What material is used to to reduce the interfacial tension between
 contacting surfaces


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? what are the important properties of drilling fluid 

Gel strengths
Yield point
Mud weight
Fluid losses
mud density

what is the difference between gel strength and yield point of a 
? drilling mud

Yield point is the ability of drilling mud to carry the cutting to surface at dynamic condition, while gel strength is the ability of drilling mud to carry the cutting at static condition

For more info about this topic you can visit this topicYield Point and Gel Strength

? What is the material balance equation

V1W1 + V2W2 ..... = VFWF
 and used to calculat densities and volumes when two or more insoluble materials are mixed together

? What are the different types of Tanks on rig

Various type of mud tanks in drilling rig shaker tank trip tank reserve tank intermidate tanke mixing tank suction tank

 What is the relationship between the Water losses and
? filter cake

Filter cake increase with water losses increase-

The frictional drag that occurs when parallel layers of a flowing
fluid slide past each other is known as


If a gel strength increases slowly over time, what is it's
? classification

Gel strength is used to measure the attractive forces of a fluid while under static conditions and If a gel strength increases slowly over time is classed strong or progressive. If it increases slowly with time, it is classed as weak or fragile

? What type of gel strength is desirable for drilling fluids

The fragile gel is more desirable because is usually easily
broken and would require a lower pump pressure to break circulation

What factors of fluid hydraulics are critical to PDC and diamond
? bits

--------------------------------------- PDC Bits
---------------------------------- Diamond Bits


Fluid volume is
critical to PDC bit performance

Fluid volume,fluid velocity is
critical to diamond bit performance

What two factors must be taken into account when determining
? surface hydraulic horsepower

a- flow rate range
b- operating pressure

?  What two components comprise a diamond bits TFA

Fluid Course Area
Diamond Exposure Area

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