Beginner 's Guide to Drilling Engineering

This book is considered one of the best educational books in the field of drilling oil wells, as it is characterized by easy to grasp and simple sentences that make it one of the best books for beginners in this field

This book was prepared by the Iraqi engineer Abbas Radi Abbas 2016 and includes many explanations in the field of drilling and oil extraction

Book Name: Beginner 's Guide to Drilling Engineering 

AuthorAbbas Radi Abbas

Department: Well Controle Team

Language: Arabic

Number of pages: 56 Pages

price: Free

Size: 5.36 MB


Chapter 1oil well casing
Chapter 2Drill line-well control-well control System
Chapter 3Mud System-Type of mud-drilling mud test
Chapter 4: oil well cement-cement type -cement test
Chapter 5Mud logging
Chapter 6: Rotary drilling rig components
Chapter 7: Drilling rig systems 
Chapter 8: Drilling bit
Chapter 9: Drilling fluid properties
Chapter 10: Water based mud
Chapter 11: Drilling fluid additives

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