Nabors Company Exam and answer 2018

? Explain what is dogleg

Dog leg is the angle happened in well across deviated section and it been measured by something called DLS Dog leg saverity with a scale of 0-10) to identify the amount of that severity of angle

We need to know the DLS so in case we will run casing tubing afterwards and any tools downhole this is required to adjust the tool length or to add swivels knuckles to make tool string flexible to run through to make it easier... the dogleg is the change of deviation per 100 ft.. for example you re drilling a deviated well and the angle is 30° at 3000 ft depth. when you reach 3100 ft of depth your angle is 32° so your dogleg is 2°/100 ft

? What is mean by Mud Cap

Mud Cap a heavier mud that is used to fill the well using the trip tank, not in all cases. To be done only of the well demands the usage
Mud cap is a type of the managed pressure drilling applications.involves drilling with no returns to the surface

? What are functions of wash pipe

Wash pipe: this equipment using in fishing operation after cutting and used to Transfer mud from fixed part ( s pipe and mud hoses)to moving parts swivel

? What are the functions of Relive valves in kommy

If the pressure switches failed to stop the charge pumps, the pumps will continue pressuring up till bursting the kommey unit manifold and lines. The relief valve will bleed off any pressure more than 3000 psi and save the life of people and protect the equipment

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What is the difference between Basket Grapple and spiral Grapple

The Basket Grapple grips stronger, but a larger clearance is required between WB and Fish

A basket grapple is stouter. Spiral is for larger O.D's but is much thinner & can crack if fish is off round
What are the causes that result in the appearance of ballooning phenomenon?
Many causes of ballooning effect:
- High pressure of mud pumps to transfer mud - Failer fatigue of equipment, ( off norme API) - Microfracture is close as mud marked by high density and velocity

 What are the factors affect the penetration rate ?

(Rounds per minute(RPM
(Weight on bit (WOB
Formation type
Flow rate

How can you know that you have hole clean?

There are several signs that will tell you the hole is clean. Primarily it is the shakers. You will also see torque decrease. Some directional tools like a rotary steerable will see a decrease in vibrations the cleaner the hole gets. Pick up and slack off weights should also improve as the hole gets cleaner.
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What is the mean SUBS on rig floor?

Is pup joints used to raise and lower long and heavy equipment
Als, it can be like a crossover to change between different pipe size, thread types, length.

the term used for pony rods to tubing pup joints to thepickupp nubbins on collars or the x/o from a bit to a scraper

Also, SUBS is handling equipment used to lift stuff like BHA

The Difference functions between Mudlogger and Mud Engineer ?

Mud engineer responsible for mud preparation and mud properties like mud weight, mud viscosity, gel strength,....

Mud logger is responsible for geological survey and correlations, rock types, formation tops......


What is kick of point?

The point between vertical drilling and horizontal drilling
This is a point that start building angle in deviation well


what is the fundamental function of Chock manifold?

Choke Manifold is using for removing kick liquids to the flare line and again to the trip tank for re-mud logging into the well.
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Why is it important to inform the driller when starting or stopping the degasser or desilter ?

Because stopping or starting the pumps for either one will show up as a gain or loss in the pits
or Due to gas cut mud .and pit loss and gain, Fluctuation in the circulating tanks

Fingerprint connection? What is that?

Fingerprint Connections. Measure average Flowback and Strokes to regain Circulation after Connection.

Zero gain/loss when Pumps are stopped. Check G/L when you kick em on bro. If/when the Well btresthes back you start seeing a higher gain. And when start the pumps it eill take longer to actually get full returns.


What diffrance between sweep and spot ?

High viscous mud to put on bottom before trip
High viscous mud to circulate hole cleen
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 What you do in H2S alarm on Rig Floor ?

If H2S alarm on rig floor occurs .it makes an explosion if it lift from the well
So the precautions to be taken :
1- Secure your self, wear SCBA (Self Contained Breathing  Apparatus).
2- Secure the well and close the well with the safety valve
3- Run to the master point and check all crew if somebody missing and a team looking around rig area if anybody miss
4- Watch for wind direction, you should run in the opposite direction of the wind.
5- Use oxygen cylinder if available
If you or anyone affected by H2S don't drink any water
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