The Most Dangerous Jobs in the Oil and Gas Industry


To those in the oil and gas industry, it’s a well known fact that Roustabouts is one of the most dangerous parts of the job.Roustabout refers to a worker who Repair,Wash and lubricate all part of the drilling rig,roustabouts are entry-level workers who need little technical knowledge and less time to carry out Hard work in extreme conditions such as Work on the Rig in the desert climate, extreme heat and work in the sea under the cold atmosphere and ocean storms
They deal with dangerous equipment and hazardous machines that can lead to their injury or death
they frequently turn out to be long-term employees and take on more hard and sometimes dangerous jobs as they gain experience

Derrick hands

The name derrickhand comes from the position they typically occupy, which is at the top of the derrick, Derrick hands are responsible for monitoring and guide the stands of drill pipe and
solving any problems
They work at high altitudes at a very high temperature during the day, very cold at night, long time without any rest where it is at risk of falling from the top constantly If they make a mistake with the equipment they can face injury or worth

Oilfield Driver

oilfield drivers are frequently at risk because the majority of desert roads are winding and not straight like mountains and valleys, it is possible to drift into a Truck

Some of the problems that drivers face also are lack of periodic maintenance of equipment and work for very long periods of time

In some cases, the excess speed that the drivers walk leads to ignite and then burn all the workers on the drilling crews so as to avoid the high speeds next to the drilling towers

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