Drilling Jobs in North Sea - March 2018

This company is a recruitment company aimed at facilitating the supply of highly qualified employees to work in oil and natural gas companies. This company was established in May 2016

Companies in cooperation with their clients provide opportunities for young graduates and experienced people to work in major international companies

Contact Information

Company e-mail:Lynne at lwh@as-isl.com
Head Office: 2nd Floor, Victoria House, 49 Clarendon Road, Watford Hertfordshire WD17 1HP United Kingdom
Tel: UK +44 2034881036
Sales Office : 19th Floor, Crowne Plaza Commercial Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, PO Box 62425, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: Dubai +971588450924

: What company Is Hiring For

8X Roustabout
3X Floorman
2X Derrickman
1X Control room
1X Operator
2X Crane Operator
1X Storeman
1X Motorman
2X Mechanic

: Links to Positions

How to Apply

You can apply for the job by clicking the link above and knowing all the details

and By sending your own CV on this email

Lynne at lwh@as-isl.com