Drilling Rig Crew Jobs in Saudi Arabia

About Arabian drilling company

 Arabian drilling company is one of the leading Petroleum services company in Saudi Arabia and  the Middle East, North Africa region
Arabian Drilling Company was established in 1964 through the joint venture between the Industrialization & Energy Services  Company (TAQA) which owns 51% and Services PetroliersSchlumberger S.A., a global leader in oilfield services which owns the remaining 49%
Schlumberger Exam for Roustabout, Floorman, Derrickman And Driller 2017

Arabian Drilling Company Jobs

"Rig Manager "Toolpusher
" Assistant Rig Manager "Night Pusher
 PMS Electrical
 PMS Mechanic
 Chief Electrician
 Chief Mechanic

Arabian Drilling Company Email Address

Arabian Drilling Company Address

Address: 4110, Al-Khobar 31952, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966-13-887-2020
Fax: +966-13-882-6588

Website: https://arabdrill.com

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How to Apply

You can apply for the job by clicking the link above and knowing all the details

and By sending your own CV on this email

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