Operation Exam For Expro Petroleum Company In Algeria

Operation Exam For Expro Petroleum Company In Algeria

1- State the meaning of resolution relating to a pressure sensor for 

2- State Ohm's law showing a relationship between current, voltage & 

3- state Boyle's law  showing a relationship between pressure and volume

4- How would you calculate the slope (gradient) of a straight line on standard x,y graph?

5- State the units & abbreniations for the following measurements:

A- Capacitance 
B- Frequency
C- Time
6- What is the volume of cylinder pipe measuring 3 meters long with a diameter of 10 cm? pi=3.14 give an answer in cm3

7- If a well is flowing at steady state rate of 100 barrels of oil per hour then what volume of oil produced after 2 days of constant flow?

8- What is GOR (gas oil ratio )for a well producing? million standard cubic feet of gas per day and 100 barrels of per hours give an answer in units of SCF/bbl to 3 decimal places?

This is screenshot For some questions

9- If pressure gauge No 1 needs 1200 psi and gauge No 2 needs 70 bar which is the higher pressure give that 1 bar =14.5 psi?

10- Give the density = mass/volume what is the mass of steel ball bearing of volume 0.5 cm3 and density of 2 gram/ cm3?

11- which of the following is True or False :

A- All Expro we are all required to work in as quickly as possible with no regard for safety ?

B- All Expro we are all required to work safety

C- All Expro people in the office are more important than the people working in the field?

D- All Expro we are encouraged to ask questions when we are unsure of correct procedure?
12- Name 5 different hand tools commonly used in the oil field?

13- What would you do if you observed as a person working in an unsafe manner?

14- How does an electron move in a continuous current?

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